You’re Right in a Wrong Way!

19 11 2009

Life is full of fun and surprises!  Let’s enjoy life to the fullest.  Let’s  try to explore things so that we would know the real meaning of our existence in this world. Let’s not be afraid to commit a mistake sometimes because we learn great lessons from it.  I  believe in the saying, “Experience is a hard teacher; it gives the test first, the lessons afterward.” We become stronger as we encounter life’s problems and challenges. It’s really exciting and amazing when we experience something unusual.

Just like in Mathematics, we find it fulfilling when we are able to solve problems differently. One of the most basic but important lessons to learn in preparation for further studies of Mathematics is factoring. Some students and teachers find it hard especially Factoring Quadratic Trinomials.  With the readings I have had, seminars attended and experience in teaching the subject, I have found one method which is easy, interesting and exciting. This method is called The Mistake Method.

In this Method, the correct answer is obtained from a wrong solution.  Let’s consider the following example: you can either read it or view it. I  had shared this already to my colleagues and friends and they appreciated it. I have been using this with my students. It’s really effective because students can easily understand it.